Thursday, May 10, 2012


From the moment I heard the news I knew I needed to post about it but finding the right words has not been easy – until I attended her funeral – now I can’t get them down fast enough.

Nalene was 41. Young, healthy and beautiful. For the last couple of weeks she had been experiencing shortness of breath but not enough to slow her down. She was a busy (and very social) girl. If there was a party not only was Nalene there, she was most likely involved in the planning and would have shown up with some sort of baked good (usually in the form of fabulous cupcakes).

I am not sure what happened Friday at work that caused Nalene to be taken to her doctor by her co-worker but clearly she did not feel well. At the doctor’s office she collapsed and was then taken across the street by ambulance to the hospital where she was lucid enough to talk and have a hospital gown put on her. And then her heart stopped. They tried for at least an hour, if not longer, to bring her back but she was gone.

And then our hearts stopped.

Her journey here was complete. She was in the loving arms of the Savior. If she had a choice whether to go or stay she was in the right place to be brought back. Nalene lived life in such a way that had she been given that choice, I think she could choose to move on with no regrets. No what if’s. No, “I need to go back and be better.”

Nalene and I were in the same singles branch for going on 10 years. She was a part of the group of women that I refer to as the amazing network of friends I am blessed with as a result of attending this branch. Initially I began attending a singles branch to show the lord that I was willing to make the effort to hopefully meet and marry my eternal companion. Clearly, that has not been the result (so far). But that is OK because I got to know Nalene.

I never told her that she was part of this self-created club of mine.

I should have. It is a big club and everyone’s membership is cherished (by me anyway).

What I have learned from Nalene is that I need to NOT keep this club roster a secret. I need to let these amazing friends of mine know that I think they are amazing and they mean the world to me and that I am so blessed to have them in my life. Not take for granted the fact that I have NUMEROUS remarkable women (and a couple of men) to turn to at any time for anything.

Nalene’s BFF, Jana, paid an amazingly beautiful tribute to her last night. At the close of her talk she shared snippets from e-mails she had received from Nalene over the years. Nalene made sure her friends knew that she loved them and that she was sooooooo grateful to have them in her life.

I am so sad but also so inspired.

Not only to be a better friend but to be a better visiting teacher. Attend the Temple. Magnify my callings. Make more cupcakes. Attend more parties. Return more calls. Make more calls. Send more ‘just because’ cards. Be a better sister, daughter, aunt and cousin. Have more adventures. Laugh more. Love more.

Farewell Nalene – I am excited about the prospect of you leading the Activities Committee on the other side of the veil.

Until we meet again.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You know you want one

One roll duck tape.

Six 30 gallon trash bags.

The classiest artificial tree storage bag on the block.

I am taking orders for next year.
*Now accepting Paypal.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They wore the hat!!!

After a yummy dinner of taco soup and home made guacamole, the birthday girls blew out the candles and were good sports and adorned themselves with the party hat and let me snap a picture.

I made the cake and frosted it with Tiffany Blue butter cream in honor of Lara (who painted her bathroom the same color).

Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you think they will wear it?

I am going to a birthday dinner for two dear friends tomorrow night. On a whim I decided to make a party hat. I only had time to make one. Do you think I can get them to let me take a picture of them wearing it?

I think it will be one of my 'things' for 2012-everyone I know will get their picture taken in one of my 'party-hats'. That means I will need to make a more masculine version.... if that is even possible.

What I see from my perch

While sit in my studio working on 'this' and 'that', this is a frequent occurrence.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yes, I watched it and yes, I LOVED it. I was supposed to be attending Women's Conference but when Jen invited me to watch the festivities with her and her sister Richelle I had a serious moral dilemma on my hands. There is really only one person in the world (seriously) who would appreciate and enjoy an event like the Royal Wedding as much as I would and not judge or mock me for being so excited. And there is only one person who would print out cupcake toppers of Kate Middleton and turn cupcakes into a fabulous gown and then display them on a tray of delicate doilies surrounded by Sapphire (like) jewels reminiscent of the fabulous engagement ring.
And who else would provide tiaras and blue ring pops for the guests as well as freshly baked croissants, delicious chicken salad, fruit and fruit dip - oh and don't forget the sparkling cider.

I had to ditch the conference and wrap myself in royalty - and it was worth every minute!

Thanks helping me make a fabulous memory Jen!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Nephew

I have the coolest nephew in the world and coincidentally, he is also my favorite nephew (MFN).

Lucky for him, he is also my only nephew

He has been serving and loving the people of Taiwan for the past year and I don't think I could be prouder of the man he is becoming.

I just had to put a blurb about him up on my blog so the world can know how I feel.

Isn't this a cool picture of him - I think it looks like an album cover (for you youngsters out there, that would translate to a CD cover)